1. Why I Am A Christian: Ten Reasons

Coffee Cup Apologetics 1: Why I Am A Christian

This is a ten point presentation giving an overview of why I am a Christian. The emphasis here is on using the resurrection as the key point in the discussion.

1. It is reasonable that God might exist.
2. Further, it is reasonable (based on the evidence) that this God who might exist might be personal and therefore have communicated with human beings.
3. The world’s religions are a reasonable place to look for evidence of such communication.
4. Among those representing the world religions, Jesus of Nazareth seems to hold the consensus as the person most likely to provide convincing evidence of the God who might exist. (Since Jesus is- in some way- incorporated into all major world religions. If all the world’s religious leaders were locked in a basement until they could elect only one person to represent the best of their beliefs, I believe Jesus would be the person selected.)
5. The resurrection of Jesus is a reasonable explanation for the existence of Christianity as a distinct belief system from Judaism.
6. An examination of the various alternatives and existing evidence convinces me that the Resurrection is, in fact, true.
7. If the Resurrection is true, then Jesus’ statements about himself, God, Truth, Sin, etc. (The Christian worldview) are true by deduction.
8. Based on this conclusion, I relate to the God who I now believe exists through Jesus.
9. My experience matches what Jesus describes, providing personal verification of the truth of Christianity.
10. Based on Pascal’s wager, I await eventual verification of this conclusion after death, but haven’t lost anything if I am wrong.

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3 Comments on “1. Why I Am A Christian: Ten Reasons”

  1. subrosa Says:

    I just found your website. Your method of explaining these issues is to be commended. I really enjoyed both your conversational style and the substance of your argument. I look forward to hearing more.

  2. Ken Says:


    I am just starting to listen to your podcasts and I do have one criticism about something you say at the end of this one. When discussing Pascal’s wager you make the coment that if God doesn’t exist and I wager he does then I my situation is no different from the atheist. Then you mention taking over small countries and raping women and stealing from WalMart as if all atheists do this. I’m sure you don’t really mean that ALL atheists have absolutly no morals or ethics whatsoever. But it sort of comes across this way.

    On to number two, now. Thanks.


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