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8. Sincere beliefs in any religion

May 30, 2007

Coffee Cup Apologetics 8: Won’t any religion get you to heaven if you sincerely follow it’s teachings?


7. Religion and Violence

May 24, 2007

Coffee Cup Apologetics 7: What is the relationship of religion and violence?

6. The Cross and Evil

May 21, 2007

Coffee Cup Apologetics 6 continues with believing in God despite evil. The focus for this final installment is the meaning of the cross in this discussion.

5. Believing in the Christian God Despite Evil (con’t)

May 9, 2007

Coffee Cup Apologetics 5 Continues examining reasons to believe in the Christian God despite the reality of evil.

4. What is the one reason you are a Christian?

May 2, 2007

Coffee Cup Apologetics 4: “What is the one reason you are a Christian?”

I answer a reader’s criticism of the parenting analogy, then deal with answering the “What’s your one reason?” question, which I’ve had twice this week.