7. Religion and Violence

Coffee Cup Apologetics 7: What is the relationship of religion and violence?

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One Comment on “7. Religion and Violence”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    You make the statement in your commentary that if we look to Jesus, does Jesus ever give us reason to justify violence, the answer is no. However, we all know that Jesus got a little off the calm, peaceful, self-controlled person we all adore when he confronted the merchants in the temple.

    Justification of this has been explained to me in that these “merchants” were an offense to God, Jesus’ father, turning His temple into a “den of theives”. I can certainly relate to this in that I can take all the slings and arrows you care to throw, but if you attack those that I love, you’ve got a major fight on your hands.

    But, in your commentary of “Will God Really make peole suffer for eternity in Hell”, you state that an offense to (the God-image) man, is an offense to God. Was not Jesus’ actions an offense to man? Was this an act of love toward God’s children, specifically, God’s chosen people?

    Granted, they were not exactly praying while in a “house of prayer”. But do we not have here an example of:
    1) Violence from Jesus himself, and
    2) As the example of how christians are to live, justification for violence in the name of God, even to God’s children?

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