8. Sincere beliefs in any religion

Coffee Cup Apologetics 8: Won’t any religion get you to heaven if you sincerely follow it’s teachings?

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One Comment on “8. Sincere beliefs in any religion”

  1. RahabToo Says:

    Underrstanding the other person’s sincerity is critical in being one of the witnesses who actually wins souls. Proverbs 11:30 is instruction that has given me pause over the years. The compassion Christ had for sinners, I believe, in some respects was fueled by his understanding of how deeply held was the lie they trusted in. It made Him sad. My focus had been on “winning the argument” and of course the lack of fruit was its end. Actually coming to the realization that there ‘but for the grace of God go I’ is more than a cliche’. By grace alone takes on a more practical meaning when talking to a sincerely religious man. The wornderful marvel that I believed the gospel myself is realized more clearly then.

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