15. Will God punish people in hell?

Coffee Cup Apologetics 15: “Will God punish people in hell?”

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4 Comments on “15. Will God punish people in hell?”

  1. josh b. Says:

    i am a pastor and in my years of education and study i have to agree with you that the doctrine of hell is very complicated. there are parts of scripture that refer to “hell” as a real place on earth (outside the city)… but there are also places that refer to hell as a “spiritual place” (for lack of better words). and of course there is the old testament “sheol” which is an entirely different thing all together. if someone were to press me and make me take a stance on that subject i would probably say that hell was created for satan and his angels and beyond that i might be classified close to a universalist… but without pressing me on the issue…. i don’t know exactly… i am reformed and so i do subscribe to election 9pre-destination), but that does not mean that i subscribe to double pre-destination…. hell is a hard subject and i am looking forward to other peoples input and comments. blessings.

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  3. Steve Gunawan Says:

    i cannot download this podcast episode, i can download 1-27, except #15, there always be a 404 error in iTunes… can you please fix it?


  4. 15. Will God Punish... Says:

    I have gone back and added all the episodes of ccapologetics to my ipod and have enjoyed and learned from all of them. I cant load episode 15 though. It just won’t work? Are there any issues with this episode?
    In Him

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