36. Concluding Response to “I Can’t Continue To Call Myself a Christian”

cca_small.gifPodcast 36 More response to “I Can’t Continue To Call Myself A Christian.” This podcast deals with the objection to God punishing a sincere believer in another religion.

<a href=”http://mondaymorninginsight.com/index.php/site/comments/i_cant_continue_to_consider_myself_a_christian/”The original post: Monday Morning Insight- “I Can’t Consider Myself a Christian.”

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2 Comments on “36. Concluding Response to “I Can’t Continue To Call Myself a Christian””

  1. mikerucker Says:

    a few comments:

    a. maybe it isn’t “all of us taking our own path.”
    maybe it’s God meeting man where he happens to be.

    b. why is it a “responsibility” to find the truth?

    c. in AA we say, “take what you need and leave the rest.”
    i believe that’s where we’re at in human history: we
    need to look at the world’s religions and identify
    what we want to keep as we move forward, and leave
    the rest behind.

    d. how did Christianity “solve” the problem of the
    letter writer’s muslim friend?

    i’m putting together a review of keller’s book, too. i’d like to swap thoughts with you when we get done.

    thanks for putting stuff out for reading and listening.

    mike rucker

  2. Danny Says:

    Thanks for confirming my atheism.

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