40. Is Richard Dawkins the best Atheists can do?

cca_small.gifPodcast 40 Is Richard Dawkins the best atheism can do? (A review of “The God Delusion Debate” DVD.)

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4 Comments on “40. Is Richard Dawkins the best Atheists can do?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t get this particular show on itunes and I’ve tried several times to download it, yesterday and today. Is it possible to “repost” it to your server? Thanks!

  2. William Tanksley Says:

    Hmm, I have the same problem as the first commentor… The podcast episode of this show won’t load for me. The download just fails, with a status of “stopped (err = 404)”.

    I also can’t download episode #15. I’ve got all the rest.

    Hey, thanks for an excellent and uniquely useful presentation!

  3. JD Durham Says:

    Came across this posting and found it interesting enough to comment on. My research shows Dawkins to be more of a celebrity within the new atheist movement rather than its best spokesperson. A good source on how the atheist community views the work of Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris and Dennet is the Point of Inquiry podcast (produced by the Center for Inquiry). I get the impression that most of the secular humanist guests on that program tend to take a critical stance against some of the tactics and rhetoric Dawkins and the other “three horsemen” throw out from time to time while still acknowledging their support for a secular (read atiest/agnostic) world view. It might be fair to say that Dawkins is the atheist version of the Christain John Hagee (but smarter). To flip your question around, is Keller or Wright the best the believer’s have? I have listened intently to Willard, Craig, Zacharias and others and feel the same sense of inadequacy that you feel after listening to Dawkins for an hour. As a former Christian of the reformed stripe, I finally had to acknowledge my terminal doubts about the faith, its truth claims, and the sketchy conclusions of the Christian scholarship I exposed myself to. Maybe I missed something but I doubt it. Enjoy your podcast though.

  4. Dwight Says:

    just curious as to why so long between episodes now. #41 isn’t even posted here yet but it’s on I-tunes. Just hoping these continue and this wasn’t a one time deal

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